SJT Enterprises

Our Company Values:

  • Positive Relationships
  • Customer Success
  • Creativity
  • New Ideas

Our Mission:

“Offer a wide range of unique products with high margin opportunities, Made in the USA, putting stores in the best position to succeed.”

About Us

SJT Enterprises, Inc. has been in business since 1985. We pride ourselves on creating wood plaques, magnets, stone coasters, yard signs and many other products that are Made in America!

Here are just some of the advantages of purchasing from SJT Enterprises:

  • 100% of our products are made and shipped when ordered. No back orders!
  • Stores have been selling our products at a 2.5 to 3 times markup!
  • Many of our products offer a name drop with a store name or location!
  • Our store displays catch the attention of customers and sell products at a much quicker rate!
  • We are the first to offer a guarantee for most products to be returned for an exchange if needed!
  • Throughout the year we offer free or discounted freight deals!
  • We donate a portion of the profits to, planting over 20,000 trees so far!

We really do have the best customer service and encourage you to put us to the test. Contact us to ask questions or make a comment:

1-440-617-1100 9 am to 5 pm Eastern (NYC) time, Mon-Fri. or by email anytime: [email protected].

Our minimum order is still only $100 - Our shipping is still only 12% of your order - Online orders $1000 or more receive FREE SHIPPING. (In contiguous USA, excludes distributors)