Sell Your Artwork on These Products!

This is for artists wanting to start their own product line or authors wanting to add products with their books!

Products you can add your art or words/quotes from your book:

* Wood Plaques (Multiple sizes.)

* Magnets. (Multiple sizes.)

* Absorbent Stone Coasters

* Stickers (Large/Small)

Email [email protected] to get started!


Sticker                  Absorbent Stone Coaster    Wood Plaque with Easel            Wood Sign                Wood Magnet

Create Your Own Product Line!

Example of starting your own product line!

  • Place your art, photography, or quotes from your books on a Wood Plaque as a unique way to earn more money from your talent!
  • You can order 26 wood plaques with your artwork for only $3.90 each.
  • Sell your 26 wood plaques for $15.00 each.
  • That’s about a $300 profit!
  • Place more artwork on wood plaques and add table coasters, wood magnets and stickers!
  • Soon you’ll have your own product line!

Example of having your own product line with Absorbent Table Coaster.

Our minimum order is still only $100 - Our shipping is still only 12% of your order - Online orders $1000 or more receive FREE SHIPPING. (In contiguous USA, excludes distributors)